The Moken

The indigenous people of the Mergui Archipelago, the Moken, live peacefully in their traditional nomadic ways despite official attempts to settle them in permanent villages.

They are hunters and gatherers who live off shellfish, sea cucumber, occasionally wild boar and small forest deer. Moken families live on their kabang, a traditionally built wooden boat. Each family member has his or her own wooden dugout canoe for foraging which is towed behind the kabang when moving.

The Moken will sometimes approach Northern Sun with a gift of rock oyster or fish to exchange for practical items such as rice, cloth or meats.

The Mergui Archipelago

The Mergui Archipelago is made up of over 800 islands spread over 14,000 square miles of the Indian Ocean.

These islands remain in an unspoiled state and some are still uninhabited due to Myanmar’s isolation for 50 years. The islands are mountainous and covered by jungle with some spectacular waterfalls tumbling directly onto white sandy beaches. They are fringed with coral reefs teeming with wildlife.

Day 1

Your first stop will be the southernmost border town of Kawthaung for necessary customs clearance and to pick up a guide, who will stay with us throughout the cruise. Guests are encouraged to explore this fascinating town, in particular the monastery on the hill with the breath-taking views over Kawthaung.

From here we will cruise north for two hours to Zet Det Nge Kyunn, a protected anchorage ideal for swimming, snorkeling and strolling on fine white sandy beaches. This anchorage is renowned for its picturesque sunrises.

Day 2

Cruising 2.5 hours north to the four Mid Group Islands of Frost Island, Potter Island South, Potter Island North and South East Hump.

These islands have remarkable sandy white beaches with outlying coral reefs making it ideal for snorkeling and kayaking. Potter Island North has distinctive trees along the coast line including one of the largest fig trees in the area. Black tip reef sharks and blue spotted rays can be seen while snorkeling off South East Hump.

Day 3

Cruising north for 1.5 hours to the small island of Ko Phawt for the unique experience of visiting the only land-settled Moken village.

These people are relatively untouched by the west and welcome guests to take a glimpse at their traditional culture. Guests have the opportunity to contribute practical gifts of school materials, household goods or clothing to the villagers as a thank-you for their hospitality.


In the afternoon we will cruise to Ko Phawt for the evening anchorage.

Due to the mangroves and shallow waterway it makes for an ideal area to explore by kayak and dinghy. This island has over 30 small beaches and an abundance of wild life. It is common to witness flocks of hornbills  in the trees amusing themselves with playful banter. Their distinctive characteristic is a long, down-curved bill which is frequently brightly coloured and sometimes has a casque on the upper mandible. The hornbill normally forms a monogamous relationship with its life partner.

Day 4

We start today with a delightful beach breakfast on the tiny  island of Tar Yar at low tide  an expansive sand bar practically rises from the ocean creating a vast white sandy beach.

After breakfast a cruise down the west coast of Lampi Island offers the chance to anchor in stunning bays with jungle backdrops. From here by dinghy guests can explore mangrove rivers by dinghy with plenty of wild life and gigantic mangrove trees. The beaches are ideal for long walks and refreshing swimming in the clear water. Lampi is the largest in this southern group of islands and apart from some nomadic fishing villages, the island is relatively uninhabited.

Day 5

We start to head south taking us to Great Swinton Island, popular for Shark Cave a good snorkeling site.

An abundance of sealife is present with the occasional shark spotted in the area. Kyunn Phi Lar South Bay is a horseshoe-shaped bay, also with excellent snorkeling.

Exploring the mangrove estuaries is highly recommended, with the opportunity to sight magnificent pythons snoozing lazily in amongst the branches. These python present no danger to humans.

Day 6

Cruising south east to the island of Za Det Kale Kyun, you can  enjoy water sports and discover the area by dinghy or just relax after a long week of exploring.

The evening promises to be a fun occasion with our Andaman seafood barbecue.

Day 7

An early start for the cruise back to Kawthaung where the guests will disembark and transfer to their next destination.


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