Day 1

Cruise to Palau Singa Besar and enjoy the fine white sandy beaches and excellent views of this wildlife sanctuary and nature reserve.

Many local sea eagles, Brahminy Kites and monkeys are in residence here. A short tender ride to the famous Princess lake can be arranged.

Day 2

Cruising to the Butang Islands 27 miles to the northwest of Langkawi.

There are 15 islands in the is group, all cloaked with lush rain forest and fringed in coral reef and white sandy beaches.

Enjoy snorkeling or diving on exceptionally  preserved coral reefs or take a walk on the shore and discover the uninhabited islands.

Day 3

Koh Rok Nok is next on the itinerary, an island famous for the French version of the popular Survivor series.

The water is clear with a sandy bottom and there is great snorkeling and diving around the islands.

On the north beach is an animist temple stacked with wooden phallic effigies created by local fishermen for good luck.

Day 4

Phang Nga Bay has some of Thailands most spectacular scenery with the sheer-sided sea mountains rising vertically out of the water.

Kayak through enchanted caves around the mangroves and inlets. Take a dinghy expedition to hidden beaches and the closed lagoons only accessible through caves at certain times of the tide.

Three rivers run into the bay so the water is silty, though otherwise clean, forming a milky green backdrop to the striking scenery.

Day 5

Phang Nga Bay is the home of  James Bond Island made famous by the filming of the movie “The Man with the Golden Gun”.

A short dinghy ride will take you to a local Muslim fishing village giving guests an insight into how the local people live as they have for centuries in the area.

Koh Hong tunnel (Hong is Thai for room) can be entered by dinghy only. Once inside it reveals its stunning beauty, enclosed pool and large chimney opening to the sky.

Day 6

Scenic cruise through Phang Nga Bay and the Phang Nga channel to Yacht Haven Marina.

Time to reflect on the week and enjoy the beauty of the bay.


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